Most business owners know how to grow their business. There is some idea of direction or vision that is held for the company. Then there are specific sales and marketing activities that are aligned with that and necessary to be accomplished for the company to grow in revenue. There may be revenue targets and even metrics to track and hold progress accountable but this is not scaling.

Scaling is a systematic approach to growing a business that accounts for all aspects of a business in its design and function. When scaling a company people, systems and processes are put in place in a way that allows for them to easily expand as the company grows in revenue.

Many times when a company is only focused on just growing revenue the people, processes and systems that support the rest of the business to function and deliver its product or service are not focused on or there are only bandaid approaches to solving growth or operational challenges. This creates larger problems down the road that can cripple a fast or successfully growing company.

For example….Let’s say we have a company that has 2 sales people. There currently is no sales training system or method for how to train a sales person. This creates a challenge in that if the company’s lead flow increases the onboarding process for bringing on new sales people is not optimized because there is no training system or process. This will result in a loss of revenue from lost sales not being able to be followed up with until the salesperson has been trained. One simple and easy solution is when training a sales person to record these trainings so that they could be used when a new salesperson is brought on board. Another idea is if you have a salesperson who already has been trained well and is closing is to have this person record their sales calls so someone new could listen to them. These initial easy steps begin to create a sales department that is scalable.

Staying focused on growth is key but doing it in a way that is scalable is an approach that very few CEOs understand. Once an organization embraces a scaling approach to growth it opens up the path to masterfully and efficiently managing revenue growth in alignment with how the rest of the business supports and fulfills on its sales, mission and vision.